Learn the step-by-step process for creating an LCAP or SPSA through our online tool

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the LCAP & SPSA Tool:

It is easy! Go to www.edspending.org and click “Sign-up” on any page. From there, you can create an account and immediately begin using the Tool. 

No. The Tool is free for all users.

Our LCAP & SPSA Tool is an easy-to-use online tool for easily completing and formatting otherwise unwieldy LCAP and SPSA plans. It focuses on gathering all required information and deploying it to meet all state standards. Additionally, the Tool provides user-friendly mechanisms, like goal/action sorting, budget creation and data rollover which will transfer your current plan data into this year's template.

The Tool was designed for all district and site administrators who are involved in the creation of their LCAP or SPSA(s). This can include county offices, districts, charter schools and charter management organizations.

Under the Reports section of the Tool, you will find a report called the “Local Control Accountability Plan.” By clicking on this button, all of the information you have entered that is necessary for the plan will be transferred into the State required LCAP template for that year’s plan. This report is available in both PDF and Word.

Yes! You can add or edit users under the Settings button of the tool at any point after setting up your own account. Once you enter the user’s name and email, a confirmation will be sent to that user with their log-in information. 

From your main account, you can add each principal user and only give them access to their own school. This way you will still have access to all site plans but each principal will only be able to view and edit their own individual plans. However, they will still be able to view and copy goals and strategies from other site plans as a way to promote cross-collaboration. 

Yes, of course! Under the Settings button in the Tool, you can choose to rollover your plan to the next year. By doing this, it will copy all of the data to the new plan including all information needed for the annual update section of the LCAP template.  

Pivot offers many services to supplement our free online Tool. Under our Tier I, Level 1 service, we will input last year’s Plan and roll over your data into this year’s template. For more information on our Tiers of Service, please download our Equitable Education Spending services flyer.

Yes! The Tool was designed for multiple users to be able to access and edit the Tool at the same time. 

No problem. Under the Settings button of your account, there is an option to Create New Plans. Here you can create new plans for each of your school sites using the same main account. After creating the plans, you can add users to each plan with the add/edit option under Settings.

It’s easy. Under the Settings button, there is an option to Copy Your Plan. Here you can copy all of the data from your plan into a new version of the same plan. This way you can have as many versions as you would like before deciding which plan to use as your final version for your report. 

There are two main options to do this. The first option is under the Budget tab of the Tool. Here you click on Exclude from Budget for any expenditure you want to remove from your budget. You can also edit funding sources to show varying levels of funding. Another option is under the Settings button, there is an option to Copy Your Plan. Here you can copy all of the data from your plan into a new version of the same plan. This way you can have as many versions as you would like in order to test out different scenarios before deciding on which plan you want to finalize. 

No – most users wish to format and edit the LCAP after downloading it from the Tool, and they actually have to submit it to the county, not the state. 

Yes! There are two main levels of access: administrator and non-administrator. A user with administrative access is able to access all plans, create new plans, customize settings and has various other capabilities. A non- administrator only has access to certain plans. They have more limited capabilities but are able to edit their own plans. 

Our LCAP & SPSA Tool collects all of the relevant information and data into one place, allowing for smart and calculated budgeting. The Tool grants a comprehensive financial view showing where each funding source is going and how it was spent. The Tool also holds a mechanism to easily explore theoretical budget scenarios, allowing for more accurate analysis. Additionally, the Tool includes year-to-year comparisons, while incorporating the annual update and budget, giving users the ability to further analyze the effectiveness of their investments. All of this information allows administrators to more accurately prioritize critical budget items to ensure school and district success. 

Not yet, but this is on our future wish list.