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"By offering a wealth of information and tools in one place, the Center for Equitable Education Spending makes it clear that the Local Control Funding Formula is a lot more than just filling in the LCAP form – it’s about seizing this moment for system-wide change and using all resources strategically."
- Randi Feinberg, Manager, Education Resource Strategies
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Change is here....seize it
We believe that the way districts invest their dollars is crucial to improving student outcomes and closing achievement gaps. Pivot’s Center for Equitable Education Spending provides resources and tools to support system-wide planning and goal-based budgeting that is targeted at improving student achievement.
The Center includes resources to support districts to engage the public, empower community members to be active participants in local decision-making, and align spending to district priorities.
The Center also features a powerful online tool that allows districts to create their LCAP and SPSA and to use all plans in a process focused on improving teaching and learning, rather than on compliance alone.
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